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Aqua One LED Lighting Units

Aqua One have developed a great range of LED light units and we are proud to be able to supply the whole range to you.

There are EcoGlo LED lights that feature bright white and blue lights, TropiGlo that make the colours of your fish stand out, MariGlo for superb coral lighting, PlantGlo for amazing plant growth, straight LED clip on and submersible lighting systems together with the modern 'smart touch' LED too.

We can now show you the NEW PLANTGLO PLUS HIGHT POWERED LED light that Aqua One have launched
The combination of red, green, blue (RGB) and white LEDs not only supplies the perfect spectrum for lush plant growth, but also brings out the very best colours in fish. 
This more powerful unit has twice the number of LEDs than the standard units, making it ideal for deeper aquariums or more demanding plant life.